29 February - Photos from 28 February under  Photo Gallery -> Show & Tell -> 20240228.

27 February - Uploaded photos from MME gathering on 19 February. And who do we thank? ShelleyC., of course.

14/15 February - Uploaded available photos from the Winter Retreat. Thanks a bunch, ShelleyC.

11 February - Uploaded latest MME photos from 5 February get-together. Thank you, ShelleyC.
♦MME for 12 February has been cancelled and is stated as such in the Calendar.

3 February - Uploaded latest Newsletter and Membership Update information under the Members Only tab.

1 February  - Still no success with Search.

23 January - Updated Calendar due to moving Court House Steps program from 24 January to 28 February.

17 January - Added MME and TEE photos to Photo Gallery -> Show & Tell -> 2024.
♦Disabled Search function until I can find out what's wrong with it. If you want to know where something is, please use the Contact Us form and select Website for the subject.