Hello, LLQG Ladies,
It is that time of year again ----Retreat Time!
October 10th through October 13th
For those of you who have stayed in the Calumet Conference Center for a retreat, the
Village Rooms and Cabins will be a different experience, and as such are priced
differently. We will also be sewing in a brand new building. Meals will still be served in
the original dining room.

1. We would like to know who you are bunking with.
2. We would also like to know if you have difficultly using stairs. Several cabins
have the bedrooms on the second floor.
To that end, kindly email Shelley and me by sending the same email to the both of us.
You'll need to look up our email addresses in your Membership Book.
Please include

  1. Who you are bunking with,
  2. Do you have difficulty using stairs.
  3. Do you need handicap access to your room.

Once we know who is coming and who you want to bunk with we can get back to you
with room pricing. Bedding and bath towels are provided and all rooms have heat and
air conditioning.
We can tell you that all our meals Tuesday dinner through Friday lunch is a total of
$150/per person.
I am sure you all have questions about arrival and departure times, can I come for the
day? I am on a special diet, can they accommodate my needs? How soon do I need to
get my check to you? I promise we will have answers for you rather quickly!
Shelley and I are working very hard to make sure that everyone is accommodated.

Thanks for your attention to this.
Hugs, Doreen and Shelley

These are the accommodations we have to work with:
We can have 6 rooms with 2 beds in each, of which 4 of the rooms have handicap access.
We have a Village cabin that will accommodate 3 women.
We have a large Village cabin that accommodates 5 women.