Annual Picnic
26 June

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The following lists the Quilt Sale Requirements as provided by the Quilt Sale Team:

  • All item(s) must be handmade by members only.
  • Each item must have the number assigned to the LLQG member with the following included on the tag:
    • Description
    • Size
    • Price
  • All item(s) must be brought to the All Saints Episcopal Church on Thursday, 1 August (time to be determined)
    • Each item will be verified against your list.
  • Any item(s) not sold must be picked up by the LLQG member at the end of the sale on Saturday, 3 August.
  • Assigned numbers with instructions will be available at the July meetings.
  • Any questions, please contact DoreenG or MarieP.

Click here if you need a map to All Saints Episcopal Church.