Child Advocacy Center

 Point of Contact: DotB

Needs quilt sizes 40" x 50" and 50" x 60", for boys and girls in middle school through high school.

Please use cheery, colorful prints.

If you need batting for a Child Advocacy Center quilt, please check the Who Do You Call? list under the Members Only tab (you must log in) to procure your batting.

Statistics for 2018: On 28 March 2018, 15 LLQG members provided the Child Advocacy Center with 34 quilts. "The cupboard is no longer bare. Many great thanks and hugs go to: Linda LeeL, JanetV, HarrietT,  JoyceP, RosalieO, JudyK, MaryL, SallyM, MaryK, ShellyC, JaniceL, CarolC, LindaM, JudyC, SaraS, BarbaraN.
The Child Advocacy Center and I are so very thankful for your kind generosity." Judy K

Statistics for 2017: 163 children needed quilts. The greatest need is during the winter holidays, December through February.


Quilt Made By Children
Lots of Quilts Donated