David's House

Point of Contact: ShelleyC

The age range for David's House quilts is infant to 18 years of age.
The best sizes (but not the only sizes) for the quilts are:

  • preemies: 16" x 42" (or WOF),
  • baby:  30" x 40", 40" x 40", or 45" x 45"
  • lap: 50" x 65", and
  • full: 54" x 75".

Your label for any quilt donated to David's House should read:

For David's House
From Ladies Of The Lakes Quilters' Guild
Your Name
Current Year

If you need batting and/or a label for a David's House quilt, please check the Who Do You Call? under the Members Only tab (yes, you do need to log in) or the latest Newsletter.

Members generously donate between 200 and 300 quilts a year for The House.

David's House can also use:

  • Knitted Baby Hats - Look under Useful Links-> Free Patterns -> Beanies For Preemies.
  • Metal pull tabs from soda cans, beer cans, cat and dog food cans.  The funds received for the pull tabs are then used to help buy supplies for The House.
  • Pillowcases

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Road Trip Journal:

19 October 2023 I made the trip to David’s House. I brought with me 92 Quilts, 75 Pillowcases, 37 knitted hats and a few other items. They were very happy to see me. I was invited in for a cup of coffee and Todd let us know that on our next visit we can go as a group. Before Covid, we would go there with about 8 people, sometimes more. They would open the bags and we would all look at the quilts. Like a mini show. If one of our members was there for the first time they would go on a tour of David’s House. And then we would go to lunch. It makes a wonderful day.
I will be going again in June 2024. So if anyone would like to come, please let me know and we can carpool there.
Thank you everyone for what you do for David’s House. My Mother is smiling down on us.
Thank you again, Shelley♥️♥️

4 April 2023:  On April 4th I took the day to bag up the quilts, hats, pillowcases and taggies to take to David’s House. It was also Nannies Birthday. She would have been 95 and I know she is very happy for all you do to make this happen. She is here telling me to hug them all and take good care of them. 
So, I bagged up

  • 109 quilts
  • 36 knitted hats
  • 49 pillowcases and
  • 9 taggies.

They were very happy to see me. We had a great visit. They let me know that they are sharing with the oncology unit and the baby unit at Dartmouth. They say that they really need baby quilts. When I make them they are 45 x 45. 

Nannie and I thank you ladies very much for all you do. Keeping on sewing.


20 October 2022: I went to David’s House this Thursday. I took

  • 116 quilts
  • 36 Halloween bags
  • 19 pillowcases and
  • 29 knitted hats.

My car was full. Talked to Todd when I was there. They have been very busy. Full house for the month. I asked if they needed anything specific. And he said baby quilts. I was thinking about 40 x 40.

7 April 2021On Wednesday April 7th I packed my car up with lots of goodies for David's House. I really miss going with the group. Going by myself is not fun. I took up: 114 Beautiful Quilts, 8 isolette covers, 60 Place mats, 54 Knitted Baby Hats, 7 pillowcases, 12 Afghans, 8 Ty Babies and 1 book plus three buckets of can tabs. They were very happy to see me and our presents. They are starting to get busier and are very happy to get the quilts. Kathy and Jaye are doing well and miss the group that comes with me.
Thank you very much for all that you ladies do. I wouldn’t be doing this if is wasn’t for you. The quilts are beautiful and I give them a hug everytime I get one. Nannie would be very proud of you. She is always my co-pilot every time I go.
Love you all very much, Shelley

29 July 2020: Made an awesome delivery to David’s House with my car packed to the top with 211 Quilts, 268 Knitted baby hats, 168 Placemats, 115 Pillowcases and lots more. They were very happy to see me. They are starting to get busy again and they were happy with the supplies.
Thank you again for doing all you do. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be doing this. Nannie is smiling from above.
Thank you again, ShelleyC

19 June 2019: There were 9 members, plus one husband, who delivered 117 quilts, 82 knitted hats for babies, 17 pillowcases, 11 taggies, and 3 handbags. A couple of people had not been before and were given a tour of the house. They were very impressed.
Jaye and Kathy, staff members of David’s House, enjoyed the "mini" quilt show presented by the LLQG members. We always have lots of fun showing them what we brought.
I want to thank everyone who donated to David’s House. We are truly blessed to be able to do this for them. The kids feel so loved when they get a quilt and I’m sure the babies really like the hats to keep their little heads warm.

17 October 2018: Fourteen members of the LLQG delivered 70 quilts, 9 pillowcases, 34 baby hats, 6 isolet covers, a big bag of stuffed animals and 36 Halloween bags filled with goodies. Those members here for the first time toured the facilities and peeked into some of the rooms. I can’t thank our members enough for all the quilts, hats, pillowcases and isolette covers that you make for the children. They do really love them with all their hearts. ShelleyC

20 June 2018: One hundred sixty-six quilts were delivered to David's House. Thirty-one of those quilts were generously donated by Country Village Quilters of Moultonborough. One David's House patient received a special "Ice Cream" quilt, as his wish was known far enough in advance that members had time to make this quilt for him.