Our guild had its origin in 1978, at a time when quilting was making a come-back as a sewing craft.  Very popular and quite necessary in the earlier history of our country, quilting was likely less widespread after the Depression, with more women working outside the home and more expendable income for "store-bought" bedspreads.  It had become "something your grandmother did."

As a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, quilter Irene King taught a class at the League's Schoolhouse Shop in Wolfeboro.  Then, with her students, Irene decided to hold a quilt show at the one-room Community Center on Lehner Street.  She asked her students and volunteers at the show whether there would be any interest in forming a guild.  With a positive response, a nucleus of eight got together in January of 1979, and the Ladies of the Lakes Quilters' Guild was born, using the name of a traditional quilt block, aptly capturing our gender and our area's geography.

This group included Irene King, Edith Chamberlain, Patsy Nelson, Gwyn De Jager, Kit Wright, Jane Hall, Mary Cocke and Annelle Oullette.