To carry out Mission #1 and #2, we hold a Children's Quilt Block Contest named in honor of founder Edith Chamberlain, in which young people  from nursery school to high school learn to make blocks which may be used for quilts.  We donate quilting books and magazine subscriptions to the local libraries, to increase the resources for burgeoning quilters.  For our own skill advancement, we have classes and workshops taught by our more experienced members or sometimes by traveling teachers.  We take day-trips by bus to quilt shows or special stores, where we can be inspired, awed, and "augment our textile collections."

Mission #3 is where we really invest our hearts and souls:    In 1986, we first started making quilts for David's House (a low-cost temporary residence for the families of critically ill children being treated at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital.)  We provide quilts for each child to take home as their own, and we also make bed quilts for the families' rooms at David's House.  Currently, our productivity for this project alone is between 160 and 200 quilts and pillows.

Closer to home, our "comfort quilts" go out to local families who have suffered a fire, accidents or serious illness, and "cruiser quilts" are carried by the local police and fire departments to give to children and some adults who have experienced some type of trauma.  Working in conjunction with our sister guild in Moultonboro, we help provide patriotic bed quilts for the hospitalized veterans at the V.A. Hospital in Tilton, NH.

We also make quilts for the Child Advocacy Center.  These quilts are for children of abuse.

If someone needs help, our response is a quilt!  On an ad hoc basis, such comforters have been made for people all over the country:  hurricane victims, our American wounded soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and flood victims.  As they say, "A person under a quilt is covered with love."

Our Community Service
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