Current Challenge

We All Fit Together


Points of Contact: MaryK and TerrieM

This challenge is meant to show your fellow LLQG members something that is of importance to you: family, nature, quilting, gardening, wine, etc. You will be making a puzzle piece that you must be willing to give away. The Challenge Committee will be joining all the pieces together to create a finished puzzle quilt. You may make more than one piece. With each submission, you will be entered in the drawing to win the completed puzzle quilt. Individual puzzle pieces will be judged at the 2023 June Picnic. The Puzzle Quilt Winner will be drawn in October.

In order to keep the thickness of the quilt relatively the same, batting will be provided by the LLQG.

Instructions for

Part One:

  • Get your batting from MaryK or TerrieM.
  • Chose the construction method* of your choice, colors and theme(s) that reflects YOU.
    • * construction method: hand or machine pieced, paper/foundation pieced, hand or machine appliqué, hand or machine embroidered, modern or traditional, etc. Anything goes.
  • Create your 17-1/2” square block.
  • Sandwich your block using the LLQG provided batting and a light color backing.
  • Quilt your block edge to edge.
  • Sign your name to the center back.
  • Contact MaryK for your
    • puzzle piece
    • binding

Instructions for

Part Two: (This process will be demonstrated several times at our monthly Sit ‘N’ Sews, starting 25 January 2023.)

  • Press freezer paper puzzle pattern flat, if necessary.
    • your freezer paper puzzle pattern will be marked with the number of the piece, in relationship to the completed puzzle quilt, and TOP to indicate the top of your block.
  • Pin the freezer paper puzzle pattern on the front of your finished block so that the top of the pattern matches the top of your block.
  • Trace the outline of the pattern onto your block.
  • Cut out the puzzle piece as accurately as possible.
  • Take the binding provided and unfold it.
    • Note regarding binding.
      • This is double folded bias binding
      • One inner fold is more narrow than the other
      • The narrow fold will be stitched first, on the right side of your block
  • press 1/4" of one of the cut ends to the wrong side.
  • Using a fine thread that matches the color of the binding
    • starting with the folded end, match the raw edge of the narrow side of the binding to the raw edge of your quilt block
    • stitch in the first fold a scant 1/4"
    • stitch slowly along the curves as this is the hardest part
      • if you have difficulty, carefully steam press the binding to help along the curves.
    • treat the corners as you do when putting binding on a finished quilt
    • when you get back to your starting place, stitch about 1/4" to 1/2" beyond your starting point
    • trim off any excess binding
    • press binding to the back of your quilt block, using steam to help ease the curves
    • pin in place
    • on the front, stitch in the ditch between your quilt block and the edge of the binding. As the binding on the back is slightly wider than the front, this will hold the back of the binding in place.
  • Please sign the back of your entry with permanent marker.

Congratulations, you are finished! We hope you win a ribbon and good luck in the quilt drawing!

MaryK and TerrieM


Print instructions.