This summer 15 ladies from the LLQG Tuesday "Evening Edition" group decided to do a "Block Swap" in order to stay connected while not meeting.
The requirements were very simple.   Each member was to chose 2 colors/fabrics and make 15,  6 & 1/2 in. squares, using the "9-patch" pattern. The fun part came when we encouraged each other to use "Artistic License" and even challenge ourselves to try something new, not only with the blocks ("Friendship Star" or "Churn Dash" blocks are basically 9-patches ...true ?? ) but also with the final project we would create from the 15 different blocks we received.
The 1st deadline, for the completion of all 15 blocks, was for the 1st LLQG picnic in July.  Those ladies who were unable to make the picnic arranged for other participants to bring their squares. MarieP brought along 15 paper bags and made sure each was filled with one of each of the 15 different blocks.
Our next deadline was Tuesday, 29 Sept, when as many ladies as possible, gathered at Foss Field in Wolfeboro, to have Show and Tell.   More importantly though, we socialized (per "CDC recommendations" of course ) to our hearts content and made up for all the time we have been missing in each other's presence.
You can see from the photos that the end results were beautiful and varied!  Some are quilts for David's House and some are for the ladies to keep themselves. But all are proof that even this "Covid-19 thing" can't keep us from singing the creative song in our souls and sharing the love and appreciation for one another we hold dearly in our hearts.