The 2024 LLQG Challenge
Requirements Are Based On Your Name!

2024 Challenge

  1. Select a color that starts with the first letter of your first name.
    Example: Your first name is Francine. Pick a color that starts with F such as fuchsia or fawn.
    Other examples: Irene can choose ice blue and Olivia can chose ochre.
    THIS IS YOUR FOCUS COLOR. The majority of your block must be this color.
    You are allowed to add tints and shades. You are also allowed to use prints as long as the print reads as your FOCUS color.
  2. Select a BLOCK that starts with the first letter of your middle name.
    You may use the middle name given to you at birth or your maiden name.
    For example, Francine's middle name is Ivy. She could use Illinois Star or Ice Cream Cone.
    If your middle name is Yolanda your block could be Yankee Charm or Yo-Yos.
    Your BLOCK can be pieced, paper pieced, or appliquéd.
    Your quilt BLOCK may be any size or you may make multiples of this BLOCK. You may not add a different block to your work.
  3. You may add a secondary color but are not required to do so.
    Your secondary color must start with the first letter of your last name. Again, you may use tints or shades of your secondary color
    or a print that reads as this color.
  4. You may add a neutral: white, light beige, or black.
  5. You may add borders as long as you stay within your color scheme and do not exceed the overall size requirements.
  6. Your challenge must have a top layer, batting, backing and all layers must be quilted together.
  7. Your challenge quilt may be any shape as long as it is no larger than 40" x 40". This is an absolute rule, no exceptions. We voted to show our challenge quilts at the library and this is the largest size they can accommodate. We have heard members say they don't like to do challenges because they already have too many wall hangings or table toppers. A loving reminder, 40" X 40" is the perfect size for a David's House donation!

Remember this a challenge so we encourage you to explore all options!
Try to use colors new to you and blocks that challenge your skill level!
Most of all, have fun!

Suggested Resources:

Be very careful when browsing the internet. It's safest if the URL is preceded with https, like our website If you are not sure of the site, place your mouse over the URL (do not click just yet), and look at the bottom left corner of your browser. The real URL will be displayed. If they don't match, please do not click the mouse button. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact MaryK and TerrieM.